Insights on price compitation, BIS and 'make in India'.
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1. Please share your Road Maps – Pricing, Technology etc

AnswerMarket has seen some stability in solar tariffs. We are expecting the same in inverter price. At the moment, the prices have reached to a level where if further drop happens it will be a threat for the industry. However, we are committed to bring out the solutions which can optimize the project cost for the customers. Constant innovation and optimization at product level are the only ways to exist in the present competitive environment.

In recent years, we have seen that market moved from small block size to 6.5/12.5MW block size and 1000V to 1500V. We are trying to come up with 2100V solutions for the future. Storage is also going to happen at big scale in near future. We have been providing DC/AC coupled PCS and integrated solutions in China and Korea market. Lailite is one of the few companies who manufactures both central and string inverters. Our string inverter technology is already mature and we are ready to promote and install outside China. Lailite is also working to come up with higher capacity central inverter in near future.  
2. What are your views on BIS?

AnswerCurrently, the biggest issue for the PV inverter supplier point of view is the BIS specification norms. We have been witnessing the extension of deadlines from March 2018. We request the authorities to setup up the infrastructure for the better testing feasibility and reducing the testing charge.

3. What are your views on Inverters – Make in India

Answer Lailite sensed the future potential of Indian solar market at the earliest. In Bangalore, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is one of the implementations of this insight. It spreads across 38082 ft2 area and can produce 3 GW inverters annually. We are very passionate to contribute to the “Make in India” and bring success to the goal.

4. Kindly enlighten our readers on the performance of your Inverters in India in various geographic locations, customer feedback

AnswerLailite  have served all-round the solar industry by associating with almost all major key players in the market namely ACME, RENEW, AZURE, AVAADA, ADANI, L&T, ENRICH etc. We have a total of 1.5 GW+ supply record in India. Clients has adopted Lailite 1500V outdoor inverter solutions in all geographic location such as Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Punjab etc. 

5. Please describe in brief about your company, its vision & mission

Answer Lailite Technology is a leading global high-tech enterprise specialized in renewables and has been pioneering inverter market with enormous amount of worldwide installed inverters. Being a “one stop solution provider” for solar inverters and energy storage, we have a broad product portfolio to meet the diversified needs of customers for residential, C&I and utility -scale applications. To ensure state-of-the-art technology and reliable products, the company possesses in-house testing center . As a product-focused company, Lailite always looks at its offerings and there is a zeal in us to make products and service betters. Sineng has been and will be holding on its mission “High quality is low cost” and thus will cope up with the evolving market.

6. What are your plans for Manufacturing set up in India, the opportunities and challenges in manufacturing in India

Answer Investing in domestic manufacturing reflects the company’s stable and long term plans. With the increasing market share, it was a natural choice to set up a localized factory in India. And, it has been helping us with production planning and forecasting efficiently which, in return, help us reduce the lead time. Thus, we are able to serve our clients timely.

7. Kindly comment of Energy Storage as a game changer, its technology, cost trendsetc

Answer Storage technologies will allow for more reliable and flexible operation of the electricity distribution and transmission grids, enhancing electric power quality and making renewable energy user-friendly. The prices of lithium-ion batteries have fallen from $1,000 /kWh in the year 2010 to approx. $209/kWh in 2020. Bloomberg projections state that prices are set to decline to $100/kWh by 2025 and $75/kWh by 2030. Lailite is equipped with its DC/AC coupled energy storage solution with various rating PCS. Our energy storage solutions have extensively been adopted in various place in China and Korea etc.

8. Kindly highlight your product, technology & company USP’s, distinctive advantages etc

AnswerLailite is a technology driven company and therefore we strive to bring innovative solutions that can offer more competitive advantages in the form of more generation and BOS saving. Lailite have a wide range of central inverters, string inverter and energy storage solutions. Lailite product portfolio have below mentioned solutions for India market:

· 1500V 3125/2500 kW Central Inverter

· 1500V 200/250kW String Inverter

· 1500V 2.5~3.465MW PCS and integrated solution.

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