Lailite's first 100 MW level energy storage system integration project is about to be put into operation
Release time: 2023-07-17 10:41:30  Hits: 527

Welcoming the bumper harvest season, multiple energy storage projects at Lailite Technology have achieved "acceleration" in their official battles, and the first 100 megawatt level energy storage system integration project is about to be launched and put into operation in Ningxia. The energy storage power station is invested and constructed by CNNC Huineng, and Shanghai Energy Electric Co., Ltd. provides a complete set of integrated solutions, including 30 sets of 3.45MW/6.7MWh energy storage systems, highly integrated energy storage converters, Lithium iron phosphate battery system, BMS and other core equipment, with a total capacity of 100MW/200MWh.

Compared to new energy distribution and storage, shared energy storage power stations have higher and stricter requirements for component and system integration solutions. This time, Shangneng Electric has achieved higher overall energy density, smaller footprint, lower investment costs, and easier installation, debugging, and operation and maintenance through the design of a centralized integrated, non walk-in battery prefabricated cabin system. At the same time, a three-level fire protection system design is adopted, which effectively ensures the safety and reliability of the power station through multiple defense lines such as electrical core level mica insulation, pack level early warning detection, system level perfluorohexane gas fire protection and water immersion spray extinguishing. And relying on the design of the energy storage liquid cooling temperature control system, as well as the design of pipeline multi-level distribution and cluster level temperature control technology, the internal temperature difference of the system does not exceed 5 ℃; The liquid cooled plate is equipped with stamping technology and wide channel design, which can ensure that the temperature difference between packs does not exceed 3 ℃, further improving system life, reducing losses, and enhancing safety. In addition, Shangneng Electric adopts a high weather resistance box, which has significant performance in extreme temperature resistance, wind and sand resistance, and high altitude resistance, forming layers of "protective walls" to make the power station assets safer, management more efficient, and revenue more reliable.

It is worth noting that the 1500V 3.45MW centralized energy storage converter and booster integrated machine supplied by Lailite Technology for this project is highly recognized and favored by the market, and has been widely used in various scenarios such as photovoltaic+energy storage, wind power+energy storage, grid side, independent energy storage, etc. Up to now, this series of energy storage PCS has been applied for a total of 1.5GW+, fully verifying its high safety, strong reliability, and excellent economy. According to EESA and CNESA rankings, Lailite Technology will rank first in China in terms of the shipment volume and new installed capacity in the energy storage converter market in 2021, and is accelerating the accumulation and application experience of profound Energy storage to expand overseas, helping the high-quality development of global energy storage. In the future, Lailite Technology will continue to increase technological innovation, create greater value for customers with a more professional and rich energy storage service matrix, promote the "green" transformation of energy, and build a zero carbon new ecosystem.

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