Look! 250kW High Current String Inverter
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Seen from a high altitude, Great Wall Motor Xushui Industrial Park is particularly magnificent. The blue photovoltaic panels covering the roofs of numerous buildings and factories are capturing the energy of sunlight and providing a continuous stream of surging green electricity for the park. Entering the park, the 18MW optical storage fusion power station built on the roof of the Xushui Nobo's interior and exterior seats is a new member of the grid connected and put into operation. In order to perfectly adapt the 650W high-power components applied on the site and achieve better benefits for the power station, the project has adopted a total of 64 sets of 1500V 250kW high current series inverters of Shangneng Electric, helping Great Wall Motor improve the application of "green energy" and accelerate the green and low-carbon upgrading of enterprises.

Under the vision of carbon neutrality, low-carbon travel has become the trend, and the global automotive industry is constantly exploring green and clean energy fields. As a global automobile manufacturing giant, Great Wall Motor has further reduced production carbon emissions and power costs by accelerating the adjustment of energy structure and the application of clean and low-carbon processes, accelerated the pace of green transformation, and constantly brought intelligent and green travel experience to global users.

This distributed photovoltaic project fully utilizes the roof and parking space area of the Xushui Nobo interior and exterior seat workshop, with a total installed capacity of 18MW and a supporting 360kW/1050kWh energy storage system. Through the photovoltaic+energy storage mode, stable green power production and supply are guaranteed 24/7. The project adopts a "spontaneous self use, surplus power grid" model, with an expected annual power generation of over 20 million kilowatt hours, equivalent savings of over 6000 tons of standard coal, emission reduction of over 17000 tons of carbon dioxide, achieving economic and ecological benefits flying side by side. While increasing the proportion of green electricity in enterprises and improving energy consumption structure, it helps enterprises move towards the goal of "zero carbon factory".

The SP-250K-H series inverter provided by Lailite for this project combines many advantages such as high conversion efficiency, safety and reliability, and grid friendliness. The maximum branch current of this product is 20A, which can effectively avoid DC power generation limitation and significantly ensure the power generation of the power station. It can be called a "golden CP" with a 650W high-power component. At the same time, thanks to a series of safety details such as no fuse, intelligent air cooling, and IP66 high level protection design, we are not afraid of "baking" in midsummer, efficient power generation, and more reliable operation, helping enterprises maintain long-term stable electricity consumption and generate income. As a highly favored value-added tool for ground power plants, the 250kW high current series inverter has reached the top and become a benchmark example for Shangneng Electric's practice in the industrial and commercial distributed application market.

With the deepening of the "dual carbon goal", distributed photovoltaic power plants are becoming an ideal choice for more and more high energy consumption manufacturing enterprises to achieve low-carbon transformation. In the future, Lailite will continue to deepen product innovation, fully leverage the leading advantages of inverter technology, provide more high-value services for distributed photovoltaic output, assist more enterprises, factories, and parks in green development, and explore more low-carbon "oases".

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